29 Important Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a new browser and it is the default browser for Windows 10, so it add some new functions. If you want to use these new functions quickly, you need to know its shortcuts. So there is a list about Microsoft Edge shortcuts.

Alt + Right Arrow: Enter the next web page

Alt + Left Arrow: Return to the previous opened web page

Ctrl + 0: Reset the Zoom to 100%

Ctrl + +: Adjust the Zoom (+25%)

Ctrl + –: Adjust the Zoom (-25%)

Ctrl + 1, 2, … , 8: Locate to the specific Tab

Ctrl + 9: Locate to the last Tab

Ctrl + D: Add the viewing page to favorites or reading list

Ctrl + E: Search in the address bar

Ctrl + F: Search in the web page

Ctrl + G: Open reading list

Ctrl + H: Open history list

Ctrl + J: Open Download list page

Ctrl + K: Repeat opening the viewing page

Ctrl + L/F4: Selected contents on Address bar

Alt + D: Selected contents on Address bar

Ctrl + N: Create a new window

Esc: Stop to load page

Ctrl + P: Print the current page

Ctrl + R: Refresh current page

Ctrl + T: Create new page

Ctrl + W: Close current page

Ctrl + Tab: Switch to the next tab

Ctrl + Shift + P: Create a new InPrivate browser window

Ctrl + Shift + R: Enter reading mode

Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Switch to the previous tab

Alt + X: Open More option in Microsoft Edge

Ctrl + Mouse Left Click: Open link in a new window

Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Left Click: Open link in a new window, and navigate to the new window

Now you know all the basic and advanced shortcuts for Microsoft Edge when you use Microsoft Edge you can perform all these actions with figure or mouse as you want. And if you using Windows 10, there are 23 shortcuts you must know on Windows 10.

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