How to Add a Pin Password on Windows 10

pin password windows 10


Why are Pin Passwords better that Other Passwords?

How to Add Pin to User Account?

How to Change Pin Passwords?

Considerable Windows users are confused about which password they should choose to unlock Windows 10, password, Pin or picture password? It is rather difficult for them to get a trade-off between these choices.

Why are Pin Passwords better that Other Passwords?

Finally, they arrive at the conclusion that compared with password or picture password, though Pin look like passwords and includes more complex letters or numbers, it can be set simpler than common passwords.

More differently, clients can enter Windows 7, 8 or 10 without a password but with a pin. And most importantly, Pin is unique to this device, thus preventing from being hacked.

Now you can gain some knacks about the pin, for instance, adding a pin lock on Windows 10.

How to Add Pin to User Account?

Unlike Microsoft account, which if your account is stolen in one program, you can’t sign in other ones, such as Xbox and Hotmail. Pin passwords are able to make your account work on one device. On this basis, why not get down to create a pin password for your user account or Microsoft account.

1. Stroke Start button and choose Settings.

2. Select Account from the options.

settings account

3. Find out Sign-in option and pinpoint Pin, click Add.

add pin

4. If you are using the local user account, you would be required to verify your current user account password.

If you are Microsoft account users, you need to enter your Microsoft account passwords.

5. Create a New Pin code for your PC.

Here you should pay attention that if there is any letters or symbols in your new pin passwords, you are to tick the box. After the Pin,  click OK to save the changes.

new pin

As for settings pin password, several things you should bear in mind. For one thing, avoid using card number or password as the pin password. For another thing, choosing random digits rather than series numbers. And you can also choose to utilize characters and letters but not the same digits on different programs.

How to Change Pin Passwords?

As long as you have long used a pin password, there may be some time you need to modify your pin password.

With regard to change Pin, there are two aspects you should know. The one is modifying Pin password digits. While the other one is changing the Pin password to another account type.

To change the Pin Password digits, navigate to the option of changing Pin > Change > Pin.

To change the account type, you can complete it in Account settings.

1. In Settings, choose Account.

2. Under Your Info, click Sign in with a local account instead.

sign in with a local account

Then you can change to use User account on Windows 10 instead of Pin passwords.

Or here you would like to remove or reset your Pin password.

In view of this article, adding or creating a Pin passwords for PC is an extremely necessary for some people, so may you can use Pin passwords to lock and unlock your local or Microsoft account on Windows 10. But for many clients who have already set a pin digits passwords for Windows 10, what makes them more anxious would be how to reset or retrieve my Pin passwords, for many a user have forgotten their pin passwords to sign in PC.

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