Fixed: AMD Catalyst Control Center Cannot be Started Windows 10

amd catalyst control center cannot be started

So long as you are using AMD Catalyst Control Center (AMD CCC) on Windows 10, there will be a Catalyst Control Center programs embedded in your PC.

But you may often stumble upon AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using Control Center Windows 10 or sometimes, you may also be plagued by Catalyst Control Center won’t open error.  In this case, it is impossible for you to run AMD Catalyst well on Windows 10.

As for why Windows 10 occurs to AMD Catalyst Control Center not working problem, the main cause is due to the corrupted or outdated display driver on Windows 10. That is how this post will help you with your AMD Catalyst error.

How to Fix AMD Catalyst Control Center Cannot be Started on Windows 10?

It is said that even when the Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, there is no settings error on the AMD Catalyst Control Center application. The real reason for the AMD Control Panel out of work issue is the graphics card driver on your PC.

On that occasion, go as what this article teaches you to solve AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, no settings can be configured on Windows 10.

Solution 1: Uninstall AMD Catalyst Control Center Application

No matter you are meeting with can’t open AMD Catalyst Control or the AMD Catalyst missing or couldn’t be booted, it is feasible that you exert efforts to remove the Catalyst Control Center programs in Control Panel and then reinstall it manually.

If the new AMD Catalyst Control Center is able to open correctly and be started as usual, obviously, the Catalyst Control Center not working is caused by AMD Catalyst application on Windows 10.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, attempt to View by Category, and locate Uninstall a program under Programs.

uninstall a program

3. Then in Programs and Features window, find out AMD Catalyst Control Center application and right click it to Uninstall it.

uninstall amd software

Here the AMD Catalyst application may be AMD Catalyst Install Manager or AMD Software.

4. Restart your PC to take effect.

5. When your computer boot up again, navigate to AMD official site to download the AMD Control Center application for Windows 10.

This time, you can not only open but also start the AMD Catalyst Control Center on Windows 10 since the recently installed Catalyst Control Center is congruent with Windows 10 and can work well as you wish.

Solution 2: Update AMD Catalyst Driver to Resolve Catalyst Control Center not Working Windows 10

It is a common phenomenon that you find no AMD driver installed Windows 10. AMD driver error can come to you at any time, so there are possibilities that AMD Catalyst driver is corrupted, outdated, or even damaged on your PC. In turn, the AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, and there are currently no settings that can be configured using Catalyst Control Center Windows 10.

Anyway, though you have tried many methods, it is also urgent for you to take measures to download and recently released AMD display driver for your PC, such as AMD Radon HD drivers.

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, locate and expand Display adapters and then right click the AMD display driver to Update driver.

update driver in device manager

3. Then choose to Search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically small

Windows 10 Device Manager will scan automatically for the up-to-date display driver for your PC and if possible, it will also install the AMD driver.

Here once you found the Device Manager is unable to find the latest AMD radon driver for Windows 10, you can try to navigate to AMD site to get it. And here is the solution: update AMD graphic drivers manually.

By virtue of numerous users, updating Windows 10 graphics driver is rather necessary as it can be extremely helpful to fix AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started error.


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