An Unknown DirectX Error on League of Legends (2019 Update)

an unknown directx error has occurred on league of legends

League of Legends DirectX error can come to you in two forms, the one is unknown DirectX error has occurred, and league of Legends cannot start. The other one is DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error.

Whatever your case, you cannot launch League of Legends game with unknown DirectX error, you have to remove the LOL DirectX error for Windows 10 in no time.

According to the error message, the main cause of the LOL unknown DirectX error consists in the video card drivers. Maybe the display adapter on your PC is corrupted or outdated, thus leaving incompatibility for Windows 10.

Right now, try to remove the unknown DirectX error occurred in LOL in Windows 10.

How to Fix Unknown DirectX Error in League of Legends 2019?

On Windows 10, the DirectX error can happen to you unwittingly, making League of Legends won’t open.

You would better strive to solve it for Windows 7 or 10 when the League of Legends an unexpected error has occurred if you want to fully enjoy the game.

Solution 1: Update Video Card Driver

Now that Windows 10 warns you of the error an unknown DirectX error has occurred in LOL. Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers, it is feasible that at the very beginning, you make sure the graphics card driver is the most up-to-date on Windows 10.

Of course, it is likely for you to get the Intel, AMD, NVIDIA drivers in device manager, but to fix the unknown LOL DirectX error making League of Legends not start in a simple way, using Driver Booster can be a better choice for you.

1. Install Driver Booster on your Computer.

2. Click Scan and Update to let Driver Booster search for the outdated or damaged drivers for Windows 10. Here maybe Driver Booster can download League of Legends DirectX for you if possible.

driver booster update graphic driver

With these steps, you are able to download the latest display driver for Windows 10 and an unknown DirectX error occurred in LOL will disappear.

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Solution 2: Repair League of Legends DirectX Error

Besides downloading DirectX for Windows 10 to solve the LOL DirectX unknown error in League of Legends, you can attempt to use LOL repairing tool for Windows 10.

But before you do that, you are supposed to delete lol_game_client folders.

1. Double click League of Legends on the Desktop and select Open file location.

open file location for lol

2. Then in Config folder, find out game.cfg and input file and right click them to Delete them one by one.

delete game.cfg and input files

3. Go to League of Legends folder > RADS folder and then right click all the lol_game_client folders to Delete them.

delete lol game client folders

4. Double click League of Legends on your Desktop to open it and click ? icon on the top right of the interface.

lol help icon

5. In the Help window, hit Repair.

repair in help window

LOL would automatically fix unknown DirectX error in League of Legends on Windows 10.

6. In Device Manager, expand Display adapters and then right click the video card driver to Disable and then Enable it.

Thereafter, you can see the LOL DirectX error on Windows 10 would be away from you and you won’t come across any unknown Direct error occurred to League of Legends.

In short, follow this article to successfully fix League of legends cannot start because of an unknown DirectX error happened to your PC in Windows 10.


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