How to Download Lenovo Drivers for Windows 10

Drivers are essential for a computer to operate normally. So it is an indispensable step for us to download Lenovo drivers for our computers, and meanwhile, there may be some troubles with our drivers when we upgraded our computer to Windows 10. So in this way, updating drivers may be a good solution to solve the problem.

Now, I would like to introduce two ways to download and update drivers for Windows 10 in detail, especially, I will mainly tell you the methods to download and update Lenovo drivers, which can also be applied to other brands of computer. It concludes the automatic way and manual way.


Solution 1: Automatically download and update Lenovo drivers for Windows 10

Solution 2: Manually download and update Lenovo drivers for Windows 10

Solution 1: Automatically download and update Lenovo drivers for Windows 10

I strongly recommend you to use this way for it is so simple that it can save you much time and energy. In fact, this way refers specifically to the use of Driver doctor, which is a perfect tool for downloading and updating drivers. So if you take this way, please download Driver Doctor at first.

Step 1: Download Driver Doctor.

Step 2: Click “Scan now” button. It will automatically scan your drivers which need to be downloaded and updated.

scan now

Step 3: Click “Get Drivers” button.  This step will show the scanning results of the last step.

get drivers

Step 4: Click the button “Download All“, in this way, the drivers need to be downloaded will all be downloaded automatically.

Step 5: Click “Install” to install the drivers which you have already downloaded before. And we can see the button of install on the right of the interface.

These are all we should do to download and update drivers automatically. We can see that if we can employ the tool – Driver Doctor, with only several clicks, we can download and update drivers easily and completely.

Solution 2: Manually download and update Lenovo drivers for Windows 10

There are also some people who want to download and update Lenovo drivers on their own, in other words, by downloading and updating drivers from the official site of Lenovo.  So I will introduce the main procedures of this way.

Step 1:  Search “Download Lenovo drivers “in Google to enter the HP official download center. An interface will appear as below. And the official site will help detect your laptop or desktop model automatically.

the interface of lenovo official site

Step 2: Fill in the chart of the properties of your computer for the purpose of finding the compatible drivers.

choose drivers type

From the top of the site, we can know what our own products about the computer is, either by checking our computer in properties or by automatically detecting.

Here I will take T440s Laptop (ThinkPad) as an example, as for the operating system, I will choose Windows 8.1(64-bit), and for Component, I fill in “audio”. Besides, there are other options we should fill in, which depend on the actual situation. What I represent here is just an example.

Step 3:  Download the drivers as you want.

All the above steps completed, the official site will show you all the drivers you can choose. All you need to do is to click the driver and click the download button as the image below. For example, here I want to download the Lenovo keyboard as follows.

download keyboard driver from lenovo official site

Step 4: Install the drivers downloaded before.

After you have downloaded the drivers on the official site, there will be installation package in Your Computer, you only need to install it on your computer and the process of downloading or updating drivers will be completed completely.

This is a manual way to download and update Lenovo drivers which seems to be a little complicated.

Above all, whatever way you will choose to download and update Lenovo drivers for Windows10, in my personal view, I recommend you to use the automatic way which is a great convenience.


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