Driver Booster 6 Pro Review – Boost Game Performance

Updating driver to fix various device errors is usually what firstly crosses users mind, whereas for most users, it tends to be somewhat troublesome or time-consuming to find the driver online and then install it by oneself. In this way, utilizing a reliable and efficient driver automatic updater is quite urgent and necessary.

As the top one driver updating tool, that is how Driver Booster comes into use and work for numerous Windows client.



Driver Booster 6 Pro Review Overview

What is Driver Booster?

What are the Pros and Cons of Driver Booster?

Is Driver Booster Free? Where Can I Get Driver Booster Pro?

How Can you Use Driver Booster to Update Driver and Game Supports?

How to Use Driver Booster to Fix Various System Errors?

Driver Booster 6 Pro Review Overview

Judging by the user reports, it can be seen that many of you are still wondering whether Driver Booster can be your first choice to update drivers for different devices, either to improve the device performance or to fix some device errors, such as the graphics card, sound card, and keyboard issues.

On the basis of your confusion about Driver Booster, here comes this review for Driver Booster latest version – Driver Booster Pro v6.4.0 as a tool of daily use.

What is Driver Booster?

Initiated and developed by IObit, Driver Booster is a driver scanner, finder, and updater. It works as a helper to assist you in automatically keeping device drivers updated. More prominently, Driver Booster will also update the Game Supports so as to fix game stuttering and improve the gaming experience. That is why Driver Booster turns to be what users prefer when in need of updating drivers automatically.

What are the Pros and Cons of Driver Booster?

That may be what concerns you most. As a driver and game components updating tool, Driver Booster boasts of a variety of advantages. But just like every coin has two sides, it does exist some shortcomings in itself, which are also shared by other driver tools as well.  You can go on to learn that in details.

Here make a brief review for Driver Booster Pro v6.4.0.

Pros of Driver Booster:

1. Find out and update more drivers that are rare, missing, outdated, incompatible or even faulty on Windows 10 than other tools with one click.

2. Update and install drivers at the fastest speed and back up the previous driver in case of the future use.

3. Update game components or Game Ready Drivers to boost game performance, including Microsoft DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

4. A unique tab of Tools enabling users to Fix Device Error, Fix Network Failure, Fix No Sound, Fix Bad Resolution, and Clean Unplugged Device Data simply within Driver Booster.

5. Detect out the faulty driver even if it is the most up-to-date one.

6. Display like Windows 10 inbuilt Device Manager, which is user-friendly.

7. Schedule the updating process, for example, arrange it to system idle time.

8. Download drivers directly from this platform with no need to be redirected to unknown websites.

9. Drivers are WHQL qualified and won’t cause threats or virus.

10. Function on most Windows systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

Cons of Driver Booster:

Undeniably, Driver Booster has some inescapable disadvantages.

1. Require network connection to update the missing, outdated, and faulty drivers and game components.

2. Sometimes recommend you to install other applications.

Well, obviously, the strengths of Driver Booster far outweigh its weakness. Generally speaking, compared with many other driver downloading and updating tools, Driver Booster is worth a shot.

Is Driver Booster Free? Where Can I Get Driver Booster Pro?

There is a free version of Driver Booster, with which you are enabled to get 2,500,000 missing, outdated, faulty drivers and game ready drivers as well. But understandably, Driver Booster 6 Free is lacking in some features of Driver Booster 6 Pro, or the latest version – Driver Booster v6.4.0 version. Of all the missing functionalities, the most striking one is that Driver Booster Free is unable to find out the missing and faulty drivers that can be found by Driver Booster Pro.

Hence, you can’t help wanting to know how you can download Driver Booster Pro to enjoy the most comprehensive functions of Driver Booster. Like what has been discussed, Driver Booster is released by IObit, so it is a thing of course that you can get Driver Booster  from IObit site.

How Can you Use Driver Booster to Update Driver and Game Support?

Now, it is time to show you how to run Driver Booster step by step in order to update the graphics driver, audio driver, network driver mouse driver, keyboard driver, etc. and game components like Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

1. Download Driver Booster on your PC.

2. Then install and run it quickly

3. Click Scan button on Driver Booster interface.

driver booster scan now

Then you will notice that Driver Booster is scanning your PC for the missing, outdated, and faulty drivers and Game Ready drivers.

4. Driver Booster will show you the scanning result, from which you can Update the graphics card driver and any other drivers to be updated.

5. Or you can also choose to Update Now to update all the to-be-updated drivers at the same time.

driver booster update all drivers

6. Then Driver Booster will automatically install the downloaded driver on your computer.

When it finished its work, you can check in Device Manager about the driver details.

In the whole process, within a click, Driver Booster can search, update and install the device drivers and game components by unlocking the network speed limit.

How to Use Driver Booster to Fix Various System Errors?

Apart from updating drivers, we now try to check whether Driver Booster can really resolve some common system issues. That is to say, you need to turn to Tools on Driver Booster.

1. After Driver Booster scanned the PC, on the left side, hit Tools.

2. Then on the right pane, you can see different tools available for you, including Rescue Center, Fix No Sound, Fix Network Failure, and so on.

Similarly, other options in Driver Booster are also accessible for you, for instance, you can roll back the driver and restore the system when needed with the help of Driver Booster.

In summary, when reviewing Driver Booster Pro v6.4.0, you can never dismiss its powerful features that lack in other driver tools. And you can now determine which driver updating tool you want to use on Windows systems.

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