Fix ClearType Issues on Windows 10

Sometimes, after rebooting your computer, the screen looks like fuzzy, and all the font on Windows 10 are blurry such as the desktop icon words, documents, programs interface, etc. Maybe it is related to the ClearType function. Before Windows 7, the ClearType was not enabled when installing the system, you need to set it manually. In Windows 7 and advanced system, the ClearType was enabled in default.


What is ClearType?

How to Turn On or Off ClearType in Windows 10?

How to Return ClearType Settings to Default in Windows 10?

What is ClearType?

ClearType is a subpixel redering technology which can improves the readability of the text on the Liquid Crystal Displays such as the laptop screens, different computer monitors, Pocket PC screens, etc. With the ClearType font technology in Windows 10, the word appears as sharp and clear. When you see it, it is comfortable and the same as printed on the paper.

How to Turn On or Off ClearType in Windows 10?

Turning on the ClearType and reset to choose the clearest text will enhance the text readability. Turning on or off ClearType in Windows 10 is very easy.

1. Type cleartype in the search box, and Adjust ClearType text will appear. Click it to enter ClearType Text Tuner.

type cleartype on search box

2. In ClearType Text Tuner, tick Turn on ClearType, and click Next.

turn on cleartype

3. Click Next. In this step, windows will detect and help you set the monitor to its native resolution.

set monitor to native resolution

4. Choose the clear text sample and click Next. There are 5 text samples you need to choose.

choose the clear text sample 1

5. Click Next.

clear sample 2

6. Click Next.

clear sample 5

After choosing the 5 text samples, you will finish set the ClearType on your monitor.

finish tuning the text on monitor

Of course, if you want to turn off the ClearType, uncheck Turn on ClearType and reset it again.

So it is very easy to enable and disable ClearType function on Windows 10. If there are more than one monitor, you can also to set for the specific monitor or for all monitors.

How to Return ClearType Settings to Default in Windows 10?

In some conditions that you have already set to turn on ClearType, but the fonts changes worse, so how to return the ClearType settings to default?

If you had already created a system restore before, you can set back to the previously system version. This will get the ClearType to the default settings.

If you do not want to use the system restore point, you can follow the next steps.

1. Login in the computer with Administrator account.

2. Click Win + R to open the Run box. And here you can see 23 important shortcuts on Windows 10.

3. Type shell:fonts to open the Windows font settings.

shell fonts

4. Click Font Settings in the left side.

font settings

5. Click Restore default font settings. This settings will help you return the ClearType font settings to previous.

restore default font settings

6. Set the monitor to the factory settings.

All these things are doing to set the visual effect to the default. After that, you can customize it again.

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