Fix Logitech C920 Webcam Not Working on Windows 10

logitech webcam c920 not working

Someone maybe experienced this problem that after upgrading system from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the external Logitech C920 webcam cannot be used normally. And it is the same result when you testing it in online. So the Logitech webcam is out of work. Here are solutions you can do to solve it.


Devices Test and USB Port Check

Uninstall Logitech Webcam Driver

Update Logitech Webcam Driver for Windows 10

Devices Test and USB Port Check

If your Logitech C920 webcam cannot be found or cannot be used, you can do these things at first:

Connect the webcam USB port to another PC USB port

If the USB port is USB 3.0, changes to a USB 2.0 port

Test the camera to another computer

Make sure you do not plug the webcam to a USB hub

If these easy things cannot help you to solve it, go ahead.

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Uninstall Logitech Webcam Driver

1. Goes to device manager.

2. Expand Image devices and you will see the Logitech webcam devices such as Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

logitech webcam c920

3. Right-click the Logitech C920 webcam and choose Uninstall to uninstall the driver for this software.


4. Plug out of the USB webcam and plug into the PC USB port again.

After that, Windows 10 will detect the Logitech webcam. If the webcam is detected, Windows 10 will automatically install a basic Windows 10 Logitech webcam driver to make it run properly. If the webcam does not be detected, you can go ahead to view other solution.

Update Logitech Webcam Driver for Windows 10

If uninstalling drivers without effect, try to download the latest version of Logitech Webcam driver for Windows 10 to fix it. For example, there are many users which are using Logitech C920 webcam had this problem. So update Logitech C920 driver for Windows 10 to make it work again.

1. Enter the Logitech Webcam C920 Drivers Download Center. Of course, you can enter the Logitech support center to find this product step by step.

2. Find the Logitech webcam software and click DOWNLOAD NOW.

download logitech c920 webcam driver

This download file is named as lws280.exe, but it is no longer supports video effects again.

And if you are using other Logitech webcam, the more details about updating drivers you can view it from here: Logitech Webcam Software and Driver Support for Windows.

3. After the Logitech C920 webcam download finished, install it step by step. Then restart your computer to take effect about C920.

Of course, if you do not want to use the manual way, you can use Driver Doctor to help you fix the webcam cannot work problem. Especially after upgrading to Windows 10, there are many drivers need to be updated, the automatic way will save more time.

download driver doctor

Driver Doctor can help you scan all your computer devices including the Logitech USB webcam then recommend the latest version of drivers for all the devices. You can choose one or more drivers you want to download and update.

So if your Logitech webcam cannot work on Windows 10, you can try to uninstall the driver and update it to the latest version to solve it. And there is another tutorial you need after you installed the Logitech C920 driver: how to install and setup Logitech C920 webcam on Windows 10.


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