Fix Sound Icon Missing on Windows 10

Fix Sound Icon Missing on Windows 10

Usually, when you want to turn on or turn off the sound volume in the Windows taskbar, but to find that the sound icon is lost or disappeared from the taskbar. Though you may not use it so often like the mouse or keyboard, it is of great use when you want to adjust the sound volume for movie, music or computer games, here you can learn to get the sound icon back, or to recover the volume or sound icon to your Windows taskbar.

1: Right click your mouse in the taskbar. It is usually locked at the bottom of your desktop.

2: Choose Taskbar settings.

taskbar settings

3: Locate at Taskbar and scroll down to find out Notification area.

4: Under Notification area, click Select which icon appear on the taskbar and choose to turn Volume on.

turn on volume in select which icons appear on the taskbar

Here you are able to lock the icon of the Realtek HD audio manager in the taskbar.

5: Under Notification area, click Turn system icons on or off and then click the dot beside Volume to turn it on.

turn on volume in turn system icons on or off

Of course, you can also choose to show the icon of Clock, Network, power and other system icons.

Then after you have turned both the volume program icon and the volume system icon on, you would have also restored your sound or speaker icon in the taskbar on Windows 10.

In conclusion, as long as the sound icon is disappeared and is not showing in the taskbar, no matter what problem it has, it is lost or it does not appear even for a moment on Windows 10, you can refer to this article for effective solutions.

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