Fix Time Always Wrong on Windows 10

It is reported that there are various time issues on Windows 10, among them, time does not work, time is not correct and time is not syncing on Windows 10 are the most common ones. Sometimes, even though you have tried many ways to fix these time issues on Windows 10, changing the time under Time and language in Settings, adjusting time zone on Windows 10, and adapt to Windows time synchronize, but to no avail. The time on Windows 10 desktop is either too fast or too low when compared to the correct network time.

Usually, these time issues can be resolved by resetting the date and time services settings or changing the registry editor. So to fix these Windows problems with time and date, you would better try to do these changes on Windows 10. Nevertheless, it is advised that in the first place, you would better make sure you have set the time and date correctly on Windows 10.


Solution 1: Check Time Settings on Windows 10

Solution 2: Change Time Service on Windows 10

Solution 3: Change Windows Time Registry Editor

Solution 1: Check Time Settings on Windows 10

To make things easier, you need to check your settings for Windows time. Try the following steps to see if you have made the right time configuration on Windows 10.

1. Go as the path: Start > Settings > Time and language > Date and time > Set time automatically > Set time zone automatically.

set time and time zone automatically

2. In this case, you can choose to change the time settings manually, tab Change time, but you have to make sure you have turned Set time automatically off.

change time and date to off

3. And you can adjust the time on your own.

change date and time

Make sure you have set the time properly on Windows 10 with reference to the proceeded procedures. Once finished, if you find the click showing on Windows 10 is still incorrect and keeps going wrong, try to make an adjustment for time services and registry editor.

Solution 2: Change Time Service on Windows 10

As long as your time goes wrong or does not work on Windows 10, changing the time startup type would be an effective solution, for the time service is associated with the working condition of time on Windows 10. In this case, configuring the Windows time service on Windows 10 may fix the time not correct issue.

1. Type Services in the search box and hit Enter to get in.

search services in the search box

2. Right click Windows Time and choose Properties.

windows time properties

3. Under General, set the Startup type as Automatic and click OK.

set time startup automatic

4. Check Services status. Here if you can try to Stop the Windows time and then Start it again for several times.

From all the above analysis, you may have changed the services for Windows time, such as the startup type and Services status. But if you have set the startup type as automatic, but it is of no use, you may as well try to change it to Disabled.

Solution 3: Change Windows Time Registry Editor

Windows registry editor is a built-in tool managing the various device condition. Therefore, with regard to the time always wrong on Windows 10, it is feasible that you make an attempt to change the registry editor for Windows time, such as adding a RealTimeIsUniversal DWORD in the registry editor.

1.Hit Win+ R combination key and enter regedit in the box. Then click OK to get into the Registry Editor.

regedit in run

2. In the left pane, navigate to the path:

3. Right click the blank space to the right and choose to add a DWORD(32-bit) Value.

add dword 32 bit value

4. Right click to Rename the New Value as RealTimeIsUniversal.

rename the new value

5. Double click the renamed value—RealTimeIsUniversal and change the Value date to 1.

change value data to 1

6. And then click OK to save the changes.

With the steps above, the time registry editor is adjusted. And you can try to reset your check and see if the clock can keep correct on Windows 10.

On the whole, it is apparent that Windows time not work or keeping wrong on Windows 10 can be fixed by the above solutions.

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