Fix Time Not Syncing on Windows 10

Windows 10 time always wrong? Can the clock not sync to the Internet on Windows 10? You must be annoyed when you come across the problem with your time on Windows 10, especially in the case where every time you sign in or reboot your computer, the clock on Windows 10 desktop is not syncing with the Internet time.

Want to synchronize the time on Windows 10 with the Internet Time Save?  For many people, it is rather that you find your clock failed to sync. This tutorial will assist you in solving Windows 10 time not syncing issue effectively and easily in terms of various time configuration which is associated with time syncing, such as changing time settings in Windows time services and Command Prompt to fix time not syncing issue on Windows 10.


Solution 1: Change Internet Time settings

Solution 2: Start Time Services

Solution 3: Change Time settings in Command Prompt

Solution 1: Change Internet Time settings

As you can see, syncing time to the Internet must be related to the Internet time settings, and in some sense, your clock not syncing on Windows 10 probably arises from the Internet time settings. So in the very beginning, it is wise of you to try to adjust the Internet time settings in Date and time under devices. It means to make Windows 10 syncing time option proper.

1. Click the Start button and select Settings.

settings in start menu

2. Choose Time and language from Windows Settings.

time and language

3. Under Date and time, click the Additional date, time and regional settings.

additional date and time region settings

4. Choose Set the time and date.

set the time and date

5. Navigate to Internet Time tab, and click Change settings.

change internet time settings

6. Check Synchronize with an Internet Time Server and then choose a Server, here choose Click Update now to change the Internet time settings.

Here if you find that though you have open the Internet time server—, the clock is still prevented from syncing, you can try to change the Internet server to and check if it can make the time sync to the Internet.

synchronize with an internet time server

Before long Windows 10 will automatically sync your clock with the Internet.  At this moment, you are entitled to make your time synchronized. And it is no wonder that time not syncing on Windows 10 can be resolved. But it is of no avail, you may as well read forward.

Solution 2: Start Time Services

Usually, if the services about the time on Windows 10 is stopped, there is no doubt that you cannot synchronize the time to the Internet server. Therefore, you would better start or restart the Windows Time in Services.

1. Type Services in the search box and press Enter.

2. Scroll down to find out Windows time and right click it to Start it.

restart windows time services

You can also follow this way to change Windows time services to restart it.

As long as you opened the Windows time services on Windows 10, you are able to make the time synchronized as well. And what’s more, adjusting time settings is also available. In a large sense, if you have started Windows time services on Windows 10, on this basis, you can change the related time settings in command prompt.

Solution 3: Change Time settings in Command Prompt

Sometimes, it is suggested that you try to make sure you have made the right time settings in Command Prompt on Windows 10, for the reason that Windows time not syncing may result from the faulty time command. Hence, it is a necessity for you to make an adjustment for a time in Command Prompt.

1. Search Command Prompt in the search box and hit Enter to get in.

open command  prompt

2. In Command Prompt, if not joint into the domain, input w32tm /resync and press Enter to execute this action.

But if joint into the domain, enter net time /domain.

enter w32tm resync

Once you have altered the time syncing settings in command prompt, you will find your clock is synchronized with the Internet and Windows 10 time not syncing problem is thus solved without question.

Obviously, from this tutorial, you are capable of getting the skills about how to make the time sync to the Internet time on Windows 10 by different time resetting. And  you have solved the time syncing issue for Windows 10, you can also fix other date and time issues on Windows 10 you may encounter in the future.

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