[Fixed] Devices Driver Issues on Windows 10

device driver issues on windows 10

In the process of upgrading system to Windows 10 or doing a clean install Windows 10, there is one thing will be installed or updated, it is device driver. In windows 10, you need to install the Windows 10 device driver to make the device run properly. If one of the driver cannot installed right, the device cannot work well.


What is Device Driver?

How do I Find Device Drivers?

How to Update Device Drivers?

What is Device Driver?

In Windows, the device driver is also called Windows driver. It is a software which can communicate the computer and devices. In a computer, the devices including the internal devices and external devices such as the motherboard, chipset, graphic card, power, audio card, PCIE ports, keyboard, mouse, touchpad, monitor, webcam, external USB devices.

Any one of the devices need a driver if they want to work. If one of the device lost its driver, it will out of work. In Windows system such as Windows 10, when you installed a graphic driver for your graphic card, it can run well in Windows 10, you can view the image, video stream. When you installed an audio driver, your sound card can run well, you can hearing the audio stream, enjoy music.

How do I Find Device Drivers?

As mentioned above, all devices need drivers, so how to find device drivers and how Windows manage all the devices and its drivers?

As a mature software, Windows system manage the devices and its drivers with a desktop program called device manager. What is the function of the device manager? It is a Windows control panel allows users to view and control the hardware and manage their drivers. So you can find all devices and its drivers on device manager.

There are many ways you can open the device manager, you can right-click the Windows Start Icon and choose device manager from the context menu, or search device manager from the taskbar search box.

Here you can see all the devices type list. There are many devices types such as Bluetooth, display adapters, DVD/CD-ROM, Imaging devices, keyboards, mice and other pointing devices, monitor, network adapters, etc.

When you expand one device type such as Display adapters, you can see the device Intel(R) Iris(TM) Graphic 540. It is the graphic card your laptop use. And here you can find all the Intel HD Graphic Models.

Right-click the device and select Properties from context menu, you will enter the graphic card device properties. In the properties, choose Driver Tab.

Here you will see the device Intel(R) Iris(TM) Graphic 540 and its driver information.

Driver Provider: Intel Corporation

The Driver Date: 3/9/2017

Driver Version:

Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

And there are other functions such as update drivers, roll back drivers, disable device and uninstall device.

How to Update Device Drivers?

There are several conditions you may want or need update your device drivers. When the system upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, some of the device drivers may not installed correctly on Windows 10. Another condition is when you installed a new NVIDIA graphic card to the computer or plug Logitech gamepad F710 to the computer.

Update Device Drivers from Device Manager

For the first condition of upgrading system or clean installing system, you can try to use the device manager to update the driver automatically.

Open device manager, right-click the devices which had the yellow exclamation and select Update Driver, device manager will search the online driver and then install it automatically.

This is an easy way. But device manager can only install the basic driver for the device, you can only use the device’s basic function.

Download Device Drivers from Manufacturer’s Website

So for the second condition, if you want to add an NVIDIA graphic card for your computer or use a Logitech gamepad for your game, you can download the device driver from the official site. The official device drivers contains the basic functions and advanced function, and of course, it will contains the control panel.

After you download the device driver from manufacturer’s website, you can install it step by step. Some devices driver need restart the computer.

Update Drivers Automatically

If the device manager cannot update the driver, and you have problem with finding the drivers manually, you can also use Driver Doctor to help you. Driver Doctor can help find, download and update devices drivers automatically.

It will help scan all the internal devices and external devices, then compare its driver with the official latest version of driver. If one driver is outdated or missing, driver doctor will record it and then help you to find it and download the latest version of driver automatically. After that, driver doctor will help you update it.

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