Fixed: Failed to Create D3D Device Windows 10

failed to create d3d device windows 10

During the time when you play games, like Counter-Strike Go, Dota 2, it is not uncommon that the error message that Failed to create D3D device pops up on Windows 10.

If it is the case, it implies that something went wrong with your D3D device, or in other words, the graphics card driver and the game options on your PC.

Therefore, to some degree, you need to take targeted measures to deal with this D3D 11 failed to create error on Windows 10.

How to Fix Windows 10 Failed to Create D3D Device?

Considering this failed to create D3D device please see the following for more info CS Go, you are supposed to try to resolve it in virtue of updating the display driver, changing the gaming options, and restarting the graphics services on Windows 10.


1: Update the Graphics Driver on Windows 10

2: Change CS Go Gaming Launch Options

3: Start Windows 10 Graphics Services

Solution 1: Update the Graphics Driver on Windows 10

First and foremost, you should manage to make sure you have updated the video card driver to the most compatible and up-to-date one.

Only in this way can your CS Go won’t be plagued by the D3D device failed issue on Windows 10.

To attain this goal, you may as well firstly attempt to turn to Windows embedded-in tool- Device Manager to get the graphics driver downloaded and updated.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Display adapters and then right click your graphics card driver to Update driver.

update driver in device manager

Here your display card may be AMD HD Graphics card or Intel HD graphics card.

3. Then get down to clicking Search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically small

4. Windows 10 Device Manager will be installing the updated graphics driver for you.

Now it is high time that you booted your CS Go to see if D3D device error persists on Windows 10.

Or you can also turn to the official site of the display card to download the latest driver on your own if possible, such as AMD driver or Intel graphics driver.

Solution 2: Change CS Go Gaming Launch Options

In some cases, it is possible that some choices in your game, such as the launch options, can cause you the CS Go D3D device error on Windows 10.

So there is much need for you to change these options for your game in the hope of fixing the failed to create D3D device on Windows 10.

1. Open Steam client from And then enter the Steam Library.

2. Then right click the problematic game to navigate to its Properties.

cs go properties

Here right click CS Go or Dota 2 if any of them are infected with errors.

3. After that, in the following window, under the General tab, choose Launch Options.

cs go lanuch options

4. Then in the box, type in dxlevel 90 and then hit OK to save changes.

Here since it is the CS Go, you need to enter dxlevel 90.

But if the failed to create D3D device occurs to Dota 2, you have to input –dxlevel 80.

5. Close the Steam client.

Under this circumstance, you will have changed the settings for the CS Go or other games.

This time you can observe that the D3D device issue disappeared from Windows 10.

Solution 3: Start Windows 10 Graphics Services

Now that this failed to create D3D device is closely related to the graphics card on your PC, it is wise for you to ascertain all the services relevant to it are enabled on Windows 10.

You can endeavor to enable the NVIDIA, AMD, Intel HD graphics services to cope with the CS Go D3D device error.

1. Search System Configuration in the search box and then press Enter to go ahead.

2. In System Configuration, under the Services tab, tick the box of all the graphics-relevant services and then hit OK to enable them all.

All done, obviously, the D3D device failed to create has also been resolved and you would be qualified to enjoy your games as you wish on Windows 10.

To put it in simpler words, once you encountered this Windows 10 CS GO, Dota 2, Global Offensive, etc, failed to create D3D device in games, advisable as you will be to try the solutions above at first.

Or for some people, maybe restarting your PC is helpful and recovers your normal games on Windows 10.  And you can also work hard to check for Windows 10 updates in Update & Security > Windows Update.


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