3 Ways to Download Foxconn Drivers for Windows 10

If your Foxconn Drivers are outdated, it may cause some inconvenience for you such as slowing down your computer. So you need to update your Foxconn drivers regularly to ensure that the corresponding devices can run properly. Here, three ways to download and update Foxconn drivers are introduced.


Method 1: Update through Device Manager

Method 2: Download and update from Website

Method 3: Download and update Foxconn Driver by Driver Doctor

Method 1: Update through Device Manager

This way is to a common way to download and update drivers, that is do it by Device Manager.

1. Right click Start Menu and choose Device Manager.

2. Next locate the Foxconn Device you want to update in Device Manager and then right click it, and choose Update Driver.

update driver in device manager

3. Choose the first option: Search Automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically small

Then it will search and install the corresponding device driver for you.

After you finished install it, you managed to update this device driver.

Method 2: Download and update from Website

Downloading a new version driver from the official website of Foxconn is the second way. It is also a good option when you want to update your Foxconn Drivers. Next there are more details about this way.

1. You can go Foxconn’s official website first. Then you will find Downloads in the page, and next choose Click to continue.

click to continue

2. According to the information of your Foxconn device, select appropriate items in the select boxes and then click Submit.

select your product and submit

3. Next choose Drivers in the searching result. Choose the one you need by viewing the details it gives.

After you find the one you want to download, go View Detail > Download.

select drivers

Install it after being downloaded, and then you can begin to use the new version driver.

Method 3: Download and update Foxconn Driver by Driver Doctor

In this way, you need to download an application Driver DR, which is a professional driver download utility tool that can help you to download and update device drivers, in advance and install it in your computer. After you install this app, you can download and update drivers easily. The next is detailed steps to use it.

1. Run Driver DR and click Scan Now.

scan now

2. After it finished scanning, it will tell you how many devices have new drivers and then you can click Get Drivers to get drivers of new version.

get drivers

3. You will see a list of devices need new drivers. Next, you can choose the corresponding Foxconn Device and click Download. After it is downloaded, click Install and after a while it will be installed.

Once these steps are completed, you have updated the Foxconn Driver. If you think it is very troublesome to download these new version’s drivers one by one, you can click Download All button in the bottom of the window. And then install them. It may save time for you.


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