How to Update Chrome: //Components on Windows 10?

how to update chrome components windows 10

It is available for you to update Google Chrome application where there is an update released. But sometimes, so long as you have updated the Chrome to the latest version, the Chrome components have not been downloaded along with the new Chrome Windows 10.

For instance, you may need to update Adobe Flasher Player in Chrome components individually if you wish to make use of the newest features or there is an error in Adobe Flasher Player Windows 10.

In this sense, you would better get down to update both the Chrome software and most importantly, updating chrome: //components, such as chrome widevinecdm, Adobe Flasher Player, CRLset, recovery, File Type policies, Signed Tree Heads in Google Chrome.

What is Chrome Components Windows 10?

Google Chrome components, like chrome widevinecdm, Adobe Flasher Player, CRLset, recovery, File Type policies, Signed Tree Heads, MEI Preload, and SSL Error Assistant in Google Chrome, are essential for chrome to run properly. They are used to perform various tasks in Google Chrome and make chrome more convenient for you.

For an instance, Adobe Flash Player is needed if you would like to open some specific site using chrome. Though it is built-in Google Chrome in recent chrome updates, there is also much need for you to update the Adobe Flash Player for Chrome in order to take advantage of new features of it.

Or once you run into chrome: //components widevinecdm unavailable, you are to update the chrome components on Windows 10.

How to Update Google Chrome on Windows 10?

Once you stumble upon chrome not working, Google Chrome runs slowly, there is much need for you to manage to update the Chrome installed on your PC.

It is likely the new Google Chrome is capable of fixing your Chrome high CPU or any other errors on Windows 10, such as Netflix error M7357-1003.

For other browser issues, like FireFox or Microsoft Edge, you can also choose to update the browser to remove the problem.

The quickest and most direct method to update Google Chrome is to download the application in the browser itself.

1. Double click Google Chrome on your Desktop to open it.

2. In the Google Chrome search bar, enter chrome: //chrome and then press Enter.

chrome chrome in google chrome search bar

3. Then you will have entered another webpage of chrome: //settings//help, here hit Check for Update to update Google Chrome app on Windows 10.

If you have already updated the Chrome to the latest version, you will see Google Chrome is up to date instead of Check for Update.

check for updates chrome

Then you will be required to close Chrome and restart it again.

This time, on the new Google Chrome, Chrome not updating or Netflix not working will be removed.

In terms of certain specific chrome component error, for example, Widevine Content Decryption Module missing or updating Adobe Flasher Player on Windows 10, move on to get the way to update the individual chrome components.

How to Update Chrome: // Components on Chrome?

For the users who encountered any Google Chrome component issue, it is feasible to make Chrome Components page let you update individual components.

If you feel like to update Adobe Flasher Player in Chrome or want to fix Netflix not working error, come here and follow the steps below to accomplish that goal.

1. Open Google Chrome application from your Desktop.

2. In the Google Chrome search bar, input chrome: // components and press Enter.

chrome components in chrome search bar

3. Then you can find out the chrome components you would like to update and click Check for update to update them individually.

At this moment, on the basis that you have updated chrome: //components widevinecdm or Adobe Flasher Player Windows 10, you will have also solved the widevinecmd won’t update.

Or as for chrome component not updating, it is also available for you to delete the caches in Chrome settings.

To conclude, no matter you are to update Chrome: // components for sake of using the new features or dealing with various chrome issues, it is foolproof. You can rely on the procedures above to fix chrome components won’t update, or Netflix running into error Windows 10.


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