Fix MSVCR110.dll is Missing from Windows 10

msvcr110.dll missing from your computer


What is MSVCR110.dll?

Where Should the MSVCR110.dll be Located?

How to Fix MSVCR100.dll Missing from your PC on Windows 10?

Similar to msvcp140.dll missing error, Windows 10 msvcr110.dll not found issue can cause some programs out of work.

When you would like to open certain applications, only to be told that the program can’t start because msvcr110.dll is missing from your computer, try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

To walk you through this msvcr110.dll missing error, this article would be divided into two parts, namely, what the msvcr110.dll file is and how you can get the unavailable msvcr11.dll 64 bit back on Windows 10.

What is MSVCR110.dll?

It belongs to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. For Windows users, you may know how significant this Microsoft Visual C++ is. It is required on some programs.

Hence, if your msvcr110.dll can’t be found on Windows 10, some applications will fail to run.

That is why you need to try some measures to cope with this mscvr110.dll wamp missing error Windows 10.

Where Should the MSVCR110.dll be Located?

Sometimes, maybe it is not the msvcr110.dll missing from your computer, the problem consists in that yours not knowing where you can find this file on Windows 10.

Normally, you are able to locate the msvcr110.dll file in C\WINDOWS\System 32.

Much as you tried, but cannot find out the msvcr110 in system 32, which indicates it has been lost from Windows 10.

How to Fix MSVCR100.dll Missing from your PC on Windows 10?

In view of the reports of numerous reports and deep research, to get rid of the msvcr110 not found problem, you can attempt to reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ or download msvcr110.dll for Windows 10.

One of them can be helpful. If not, perhaps you have to fix the system issues.

Solution 1: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows 10

Since the msvcr110.dll file is one of the components of the Microsoft Visual C++, the minute you found the msvcr110.dll is out of sight on Windows 10, the first thing you can do is to install the new Microsoft Visual C++.

Maybe it is the Microsoft Visual C++ runs into an error that results in missing msvcr11.dll on Windows 10.

You are able to navigate to the Microsoft official site to get the Visual C++ installed.

1. Go to Microsoft site, and then hit Download to get the package installed.

Here you can see the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package.

2. In the following webpage, tick the Visual C++ package and then click Next to move on.

download visual c redistributable

For Windows 10 64 bit, choose to check the box of vc_redist.x64.exe to download it.

For Windows 10 32 bit, tick the box of vc_redist.x86.exe.

choose vc redist next

3. After you clicked Next, try to install it on Windows 10.

Once the Microsoft Visual C++ gets installed, the msvcr110.dll will also be ready on Windows 10.

In this case, the wamp msvcr110.dll not found can be solved as well.

Solution 2: Download MSVCR110.dll for Windows 10

On the basis that the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable won’t get your wamp msvcr110.dll file, maybe you have to download this msvcr110 yourself on Windows 10.

You can download the msvcr110.dll wamp Windows 10 64 bit from the MSVCR site.

At the moment you gain this file directly, there will be no more msvcr110.dll not found Windows 10.

Or when it comes to some users who ran into the file msvcr110.dll can’t be found in a special program, you can manage to download a new application as well. For it is possible that this software has stuck in a certain problem, thus influencing the msvcr110.dll.

Solution 3: Run System File Checker

Every file error needs a scanning for file corruption. There is no exception for msvcr110.dll.

Thus, get started to perform the SFC ( System File Checker) to help resolve Windows 10 msvcr110.fll file error.

1. Input Command Prompt in the search box and then right click the result to Run as administrator.

run command prompt

2. In Command Prompt, type in sfc/scannow and then run it by hitting Enter.

begin system scan

If luckily, the SFC is capable of figure out the system file issue.

On that occasion, the msvcr110.dll unavailable error will also disappear from Windows 10.

In a nutshell, if Windows 10 can’t find the msvcr110.dll file on your PC, it is high time that you got it back.


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