Fix MTP Driver Error Issue and Failed Installation in Windows 10

MTP is the abbreviation of Media Transfer Protocol. It is the extension to PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). They allows files to be transferred between portable devices and the computer. The difference is that PTP was designed for downloading photographs from digital cameras, whereas MTP allows the transfer of music files on digital audio players, media files on portable media players, and personal information on personal digital assistants.

The problem occurs when you connect your Android phone to the computer and try to transfer files. You may find your computer cannot recognize the phone. And in Device Manager, the MTP device is marked with a yellow exclamation. Sometimes you may receive an error message saying “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. Here are some solutions to theses issue.


1: Install wpdmtp.inf manually

2: Enable administrator permission

3: Update MTP Device Driver

4: Check Registry Settings

5: Enable USB Debugging

6: Download MTP Porting Kit

Solution 1: Install wpdmtp.inf manually

If the driver is not successfully installed, you can find the wpdmtp.inf file on your computer and install it to fix the problem.

1. Open File Explorer, and go to Local Disk C > Windows > INF.

2. Locate inf in the list or you can search it in the search bar. Then right click it and choose Install.

wpdmtp.inf install

3. Restart your computer and try to connect again to see if the problem is solved.

Solution 2: Enable administrator permission

If you didn’t give administrator permission to your computer, this may be the reason for your problem. You can run Command Prompt to fix the problem.

1. Open Command Prompt as administrator.

run command prompt

2. Input the following command in the window and hit Enter.

net localgroup Administrators local service /add

net local group administrators service

After the process finished, check if your phone can be recognized.

Solution 3: Update MTP Device Driver

Supposing the MTP device has a yellow mark in Device Manager, you need to update it. This way can also solve the related problem that a service installation in this INF is invalid.

1. Press Windows + R then input devmgmt.msc and click on OK to open Device Manager.

2. Expand Portable devices and find MTP. Then right click MTP or MTP USB Device and click Update Driver Software.

update mtp usb driver

3. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically small

After that, you will see your phone such as Samsung devices appear under Portable Devices.

If the MTP USB driver failed to be installed, continue with the below steps:

4. Select Browse my computer for driver software in the step 3.

browse my computer

5. Choose Let me pick from a List of device drivers on your computer.

let me pick a driver

6. Check Show compatible hardwareand choose MTP USB Device. Then click Next to install it.

choose compatible mtp usb device

After the driver is installed, your problem should be resolved.

Solution 4: Check Registry Settings

One reason for your problem may be your registry settings, so you need to check and change the settings. Here are detailed steps.

1. Press Windows + R key and input regedit.exe in the dialog box. Then click OK.

2. Follow below path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Class

registry to class

3. Press Ctrl + F Input Portable Devices in the box and click Find Next.

find registry portable device

If the result contains UpperFilters, right click it and delete it. Then restart the computer and test if the problem remains.

If not, skip to another solution.

Solution 5: Enable USB Debugging

Some users said enabling USB debugging on their phone helped them with the problem. You may as well have a try. For the Android phone, you may find USB debugging from here:

Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.

Or: Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging.

After you find it, make sure it is checked.

enable usb debugging mode

See if the ways works after you enabled it.

Solution 6: Download MTP Porting Kit

Microsoft has released Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit on its official website. So if you still fail to install the driver successfully, you can try this method. As Microsoft said, this porting kit includes the complete MTP specification, updated design documentation, updated sample source code, software to implement a PC-based MTP simulator, and MTP test tools.

Download MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Porting Kit first. After you installed it successfully, reboot your computer and re-connect the phone to the computer.

The six ways introduced above all are feasible solutions for MTP Driver error and failed installation problem. There should be one that can fix your problem. Hope they can give you some help.

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