How to Change User Name for Windows 10


How to Rename the Microsoft Account on Windows 10?

How to Change the Name for User Account?

An account is a passport for you to set up settings and enter programs. But of course, you must set up a Microsoft account at the very beginning. For most cases, Windows users often have a user account and some of them may possess Microsoft account syncing considerable account settings. And maybe you would love to change to Microsoft account from User one. No matter what it is, it is extremely common for them to rename the account for Windows 10.

How to Rename the Microsoft Account on Windows 10?

Some users would often ask, how I can change the name of Windows account. Maybe it is advisable for you to consult these steps. Usually, the account name show itself on the login screen. And to change the Microsoft account name, it is required for you to connect your PC to the Internet.

1. Get into Settings.

2. Choose Account from the list.

settings account

3. Under Your info, click Manage my Microsoft account.

manage my microsoft account

After that, another screen will bring to your sight and you can the option Edit name and here you can also Change password for your Microsoft account. All set, what you need to do is to Save the changes you have just made.

Having renamed the Microsoft name, you can move on to know about the details about the way to transform the name for your user account.

How to Change the Name for User Account?

Commonly, most clients sign in with the local user account. It is also reported that many of you hope to rename your user account as you may find a new and more fun name all of a sudden. Go through the procedures and redesign a name for your local User name on Windows 10.

1. Search Control Panel in the search box and hit Enter.

type control panel in the search box

2. Find out User Accounts and click it to get in.

locate user account

3. Click Manage another account. Here you are able to choose the account name as you like.

manage another account

4. Change the account name. Then you can input the new name you want to change to.

change account name

If you are in hope to change the account type or create or change the password, the choices are available here.

In this sense, you can naturally know that how to change the name of the local user account. While if you even have no user account, How to create a local user account is feasible.

Above all, once you have altered your account name according to the scenario, you may find it rather convenient.

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