Skype Camera not working on Windows 10

Skype camera is the software that makes it possible for you to make video calls on your laptop, desktops. So once it is not working or not recognized on Windows 10, or for some people who come across the error that the Skype camera cannot be detected or cannot load itself on Windows 10, it seems to be a rather upsetting issue. Failed to a make video calls on Skype with the camera, you must be very eager to fix it at once, here this post do you a favor.

Whatever your Skype camera is, the built-in camera or the external one, you should at first ensure it is in good physical condition, and especially for external Skype camera, you must check if it is connected to the desktop properly. If all checked, you may as well continue reading this tutorial.

The reasons why the Skype camera stops working all of a sudden can be divided into two parts. For one thing, it may result from the outdated Skype camera drivers which prompted Windows 10 cannot talk to it smoothly, so you are required to update the Skype camera drivers to the latest version.  For another thing, in some cases, the not working or not recognized Skype camera may be caused by you faulty settings, hence, you are suggested to check the basic settings of the Skype camera.


Solution 1: Check Skype camera is enabled

Solution 2: Update camera drivers

Solution 3: Check if camera is recognized by Skype

Solution 4: Run Troubleshooter

Solution 1: Check Skype camera is enabled

Before you perform any action to fix this Skype camera not working or loading issue, at the very beginning, you must make sure you have enabled it in device manager.

1:  Search Device Manager in the search box to open device manager.

search box device manager

2:Expand Imaging devices and right click the right camera to Enable it if it is disabled.

enable device

You can right click the Skype camera driver to open its Properties to see the working condition, namely whether it is disabled or not.

Having enabled your Skype camera, the Skype camera not working or not detected issues in Windows 10 may be solved, you now can use it to make video calls as you wish. If not, keep calm, just go ahead for other ways.

Solution 2: Update camera drivers

If your Skype camera drivers are not compatible with Windows not, or it is corrupted or just not installed correctly on Windows 10, it is essential for you to download or update the latest camera drivers to make it work properly on Windows 10.

As for Skype camera users, it is your privilege to update the Skype camera drivers as in Help > Check for updates in Skype app. Or you can navigate to the Skype site to download the latest version Skype camera drivers as soon as possible.

You can also choose to update the Skype camera drivers in device manager.

camera not working

1: Under Imaging devices in device manager window, right click Skype camera driver, such as HP Pavilion camera, to Update driver.

update driver in device manager

2: Click Search automatically for updated driver software. For example, search drivers for 1,3 M Webcam.

search automatically small

Then Windows 10 will automatically search and install the latest Skype camera drivers online for you.

After Windows 10 updated the Skype camera drivers for you, you will find that the Skype camera not working or not detected problems are solved, even in some cases, the Skype camera freezing error is fixed, either.

But if you find that Windows 10 failed to update your Skype camera drivers for you, there is also a way out, you can use Driver Doctor to download and update it for you. Driver Doctor is capable of updating the Skype camera driver to the latest version with minutes, which is also professional and completely safe.

You can download Driver Doctor in the first place.

scan now

The remaining part is rather foolproof, you can update the Skype camera easily if you can obey the procedures step by step. Driver Doctor will remind you to click Scan Now, Get Drivers, and Download All buttons, with which you can update the Windows 10 Skype camera drivers as soon as possible.

With Driver Doctor, the various Skype camera drivers are available, such as Logitech camera, Creative camera drivers or DirectX 12r 9, 0 drivers.

Solution 3: Check if camera is recognized by Skype

Here you should make sure your camera is compatible with your Skype and can be detected by the Skype. What’s more, it can make sure that your Webcam is not loading on the Skype.

1: Open Skype app.

2: Expand Tool and then choose Options.

3: Click Video settings. Here you can see the detailed configuration of your Skype camera.

If your camera cannot be recognized by Skype, it will show you that “Skype couldn’t find a webcam”. Then you need to open your Webcam as well as the Webcam software.

4: Restart your PC to save the changes.

5: Check the Skype camera configuration once again in Skype app. This time maybe you can see that the camera is detected with the Skype as you can see yourself in the camera.

Note: If you find that the video image in the camera is exceptionally dim, you would better enter the Webcam settings and then go to the Video Capture Filter Properties window, on which you should choose Camera Control > Low Light Compensation > Apply > OK. All of these are to lighten the video image up.

Now, it is probably that the not working or freezing Skype camera is now performing well, and you can enjoy making video calls with your friends.

Solution 4: Run Troubleshooter

If all the preceding solutions are useless for you, maybe you should consider troubleshooting the problems, with which Windows 10 will troubleshoot the all the basic device problems.

With this path, you can easily run the device troubleshooter for Skype camera.

Input Troubleshoot in the search box > click Hardware and Devices > Run the troubleshooter.

run hardware troubleshooter

Then Windows 10 will detect the device problem and help fix it for you.

If you can solve the Skype camera not working in this way, you are the one to be congratulated.

All in all, this post aims to teach you on how to fix the Skype camera not working or freezing on Windows 10, it mainly explained the ways from two aspects, one is from the Skype camera drivers, another one is from the settings of both the Skype and the Webcam, you are able to select a way effective if you like.


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