How to Turn On Startup Sound on Windows 10

startup sound on windows 10

After upgrading the system to Windows 10, we will find that the system startup sound is closed. When you restart computer, you will not hearing the classic startup sound, you will enter the login screen, windows 10 desktop silent. Some Windows fans maybe not happy about settings such as me, I am used to having boot music when using the computer.

So how can I get it back? How to Turn on Startup Music on Windows 10?

1. On the desktop blank place, right-click your mouse and choose the last option of Personalize.

2. In Themes settings, choose Sounds icon to open the windows default sound settings.

choose sounds from themes

3. In sounds tab, check Play Windows Startup sound.

check play windows startup sound

Tips: In windows 10, this check-box is disabled as default settings. So you will not hear any sound when reboot computer.

4. Click Apply and OK button.

5. After that, restart your computer. You will hear the startup sound again.

Tips: In the sounds tab, you can set many sounds in Program Events. For example, you can set the Battery Alarm Sound as below:


Menu Command

Menu Pop-up

program events

When you click the Maximize, you can choose the sound file from the Sounds drop-down list.

So this is the way to turn on Startup Sound on Windows 10.


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