Fix Unknown Device Driver Issue on Windows 10

unknown device driver issue windows 10

If you connect a device such as a USB mouse or SD Card Reader to computer, but uSB mouse or SD Card Reader does not working and you cannot find it in device manager. There is only an unknown device with a yellow exclamation in other devices tree. And sometimes, there list other devices such as PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processor Controller. Your external device is not identified by Windows 10. So fix the unknown device driver issue on Windows 10 is important and necessary.


What is Unknown Device?

How Do I find a Driver for an Unknown Device?

Solution 1: Update Unknown Device Driver

Solution 2: Using Hardware ID to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices

Solution 3: Update Unknown Device Driver Automatically

What is Unknown Device?

Unknown device means a device cannot be recognized by Windows 10, show it renamed as an unknown device in device manager. Many devices can be called as an unknown device if Windows 10 cannot recognize it and cannot install a driver for the device, such as a graphic card, audio card, touchpad, mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth devices, USB devices etc. This often happened after you upgrade your system from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10 or you plug a new external device on Windows 10.

How Do I find a Driver for an Unknown Device?

We know because Windows 10 cannot identify it so cannot install a right driver the device automatically, so we need to fix it manually.

Solution 1: Update Unknown Device Driver

Maybe this solution cannot help to solve it completely, but you can try it at first because it is the easiest way to update a driver.

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand Other devices and choose the Unknown devices.

3. Right-click it and select Update Driver Software.

This action will let Windows search the driver in the local disk and online to find a driver for the unknown device.

search automatically small

Using device manager has a certain chance to install a right driver for the unknown device. So if this way can help solving it, it will be good.

If this cannot help, try to install a compatible device driver to replace it.

4. Choose another option of Browse my computer for driver software.

browse my computer

5. Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. This will show compatible devices drivers and all drivers in the same category as the device.

let me pick a driver

6. In the compatible hardware list, check Show compatible hardware and you can choose the model to install this driver replace it for your unknown device.

cmedia compatible hardware

After it is installed, the unknown device error may disappear and the real device maybe lists in device manager. And some devices may need a reboot.

Solution 2: Using Hardware ID to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices

If the device manager cannot solve the unknown device error, you can use the hard id to find the driver. In some conditions, maybe you have no way to find the device name, so you can do nothing about finding it from the official site or from the Internet. But every device had a hardware id, so if you know the hardware id for a device, you can use the hardware id to fix unknown device driver issue. Here is the solution you need: how to use hardware Id to find a driver.

Solution 3: Update Unknown Device Driver Automatically

If the device manager method and hardware id method cannot solve this problem, you can try to use the automatic way, it will be the most effective way. You can use Driver Doctor to identify the unknown device, download the driver and update the driver. This way will be a charm.

You can download Driver Doctor at first.

After downloading the software, install and run it on your computer.

1. Click Scan Now button in the center of the software interface, Driver Doctor will help scan and identify all devices driver including the unknown devices.

scan now

2. Click Get Drivers. After the identifying finished, Driver Doctor will recommend the latest drivers and missing drivers for unknown devices.

3. Click Download All. Choose the drivers you want to download one by one or download all drivers.

4. Click Install. After download finish, click install button to install the latest version of drivers.

When the drivers are installed, you can enter the device manager to see, the unknown device will disappear. For some drivers, you need to reboot your computer.

So you can follow these 3 methods to fix the unknown device driver error issue on Windows 10.


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