[Solved] We Cannot Find your Camera on Windows 10

we cannot find your camera

After upgrading system to Windows 10, maybe your camera cannot work properly. None of the program can enable the camera. When you enable it, the screen pops up an error: we cannot find you camera. And the error code shows as 0xA00F4244 (0Xc00DABE0).

There is another condition that you plug an USB webcam to the PC, it shows the same error to you. It remind you to check if the USB webcam is connected and installed properly.

Here are solutions to solve the camera cannot be find error.


Solution 1: Check If the Webcam Installed Properly

Solution 2: Open Camera Application

Solution 3: Uninstall Camera Drivers

Solution 4: Update Webcam Driver

Solution 5: Check the Antivirus Software

Solution 1: Check If the Webcam Installed Properly

If it occurs after you plugged an USB webcam to the PC port, try to check if the PC port is well or plug it to another USB port to have a try.

Solution 2: Open Camera Application

Make sure your application which need use camera setting is turned on. If you turned off it, when you open the application, you will not find the camera.

1. Type settings in the search box and to open the Settings Window.

2. In settings window, choose Privacy.


3. In Camera tab, turn on the option of Let apps use my camera hardware.

turn on let apps use my camera hardware

Now the application will detect the camera when it running.

Solution 3: Uninstall Camera Drivers

Normally, driver problem will cause device not work. So check the driver issue and update it to the latest version will fix this problem. Especially after upgrading the system or added a new camera. You cannot find the camera because these two conditions need to update the driver or install a driver. So you can uninstall the camera drivers.

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand the Imaging devices and find your Integrated Webcam. If you are using an external camera, you can find it from Sound, video and game controllers.

3. Right-click it and choose Uninstall device.

uninstall camera drivers

4. After uninstalling the webcam, you can click Scan for hardware changes. Windows will search the webcam automatically and install the driver.

scan for hardware changes

And sometimes, this way may not help you reinstall the driver correctly, because after you scan the hardware changes, the webcam may shows as a yellow exclamation. So try to update webcam driver.

Solution 4: Update Webcam Driver

Updating the webcam driver can help computer to find your camera again. There are several ways can help you update the webcam driver.

For updating webcam driver to the latest version, you can goes to the laptop manufacturer’s website to download it manually or use their downloading tool to help you download it. After that, you can install it step by step.

Of course, you can use Driver Doctor to help you download and update camera driver automatically. Driver Doctor can fix all the driver issues effective. When you have less skill to find the driver by yourself, using this software will be a better choice.

get drivers

After you download it, install and run it on your computer. It will scan your computer devices and its drivers including the camera, and then find the latest camera driver, download it and install it automatically.

So after updated the camera driver, you applications can open and use the camera again.

Solution 5: Check the Antivirus Software

In the error, we can see this remind: maybe it is the Antivirus blocks the webcam. Because in order to protect your privacy, Antivirus software will disable some programs from using the webcam or camera.

So when you open the program, it will remind you that you cannot find the camera. You need to open the Antivirus program settings to check if one or more programs are disabled this option. Try to enable the option. If you cannot find it, you can exit the Antivirus software temporary and run the program to let it find the camera.

Wish these solutions can help you find the camera when you using the relevant programs in Windows 10.

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