Fix WIFI Icon Missing from Taskbar Windows 10


WIFI Icon Missing Overview:

4 Ways to Fix Taskbar WIFI Icon Missing Issue

WIFI Icon Missing Overview:

wifi icon missing windows 10

Once you found the wireless icon disappeared on Windows 10, there are mainly something went wrong with the WIFI settings or drivers. From this perspective, you will learn how to solve Windows 10 WIFI icon not showing up in the taskbar with targeted methods.

Network errors are common on Windows 10, except the missing WIFI icon, for instance, WIFI keeps dropping on Windows 10.

Here as for the reasons why this can’t see network icon problem occurred to you, the main causes are problematic network icon settings and outdated or corrupted WIFI drivers.

Follow the ways below to finish solving Windows 10 icon not working.

How to Fix WIFI Icon Is Missing on Windows 10?

This post will teach you how to put WIFI icon on taskbar Windows 10 when network icon missing from settings.


1: Restart Windows Exploer.exe Service to Put Wireless Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

2: Check WIFI Icon Settings

3: Update Wireless Network Driver to Remove Missing WIFI icon Windows 10

4: Edit Group Policy to Shop Network Icon on Taskbar in Windows 10

Solution 1: Restart Windows Exploer.exe Service to Put Wireless Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

Sometimes, the service explorer.exe can also reflect the working condition of your network. This service can in a large sense tell you if Windows 10 WIFI is running well.

That is why here you are suggested to end this Windows Explorer.exe task and then start it again to check if no WIFI icon is solved.

1. Right click Start and then select Task Manager from the list.

2. In Task Manager, under Processes tab, find out Windows Explorer and right click it to Restart it.

restart windows explorer

Here you can also decide to End task and then Start Windows Explorer.exe again.

Normally, Windows WIFI icon would appear on Windows 10 after you reboot the explorer.exe service.

But if Windows 10 Wireless icon missing persists on your PC, you can do nothing but go on for more methods.

Solution 2: Check WIFI Icon Settings

In most cases, there is a setting related to system icons on your computer. For many of you, you may have chosen to set it open to show system icons on the taskbar. But supposing that you have accidentally mistaken it as not showing WIFI icon on Windows 10 taskbar, you can’t see network icon on Windows 10 Desktop.

For the sake of showing Wireless icon from settings, you need to make sure you have set it to display on taskbar Windows 10.

1. Go to Start > Settings > System.

settings system

2. In Notifications & actions, click Add or remove quick actions.

Or here for some users, the option is to Select which icons to appear on the taskbar.

3. In Add or remove quick actions, locate Network and slide the switch to the right to show Network icon to the taskbar.

If Windows 10 Wireless icon not showing up is due to settings, now maybe you are qualified to see the WIFI icon from taskbar.

Solution 3: Update Wireless Network Driver to Remove Missing WIFI icon Windows 10

It is likely that once there are something went wrong with your Windows 10 WIFI driver, the network would also happen to some errors, including the disappeared network signal.

Thus, necessarily, you would better manage to download the latest network driver on Windows 10 to allow it to run on your computer. In this way, in some sense, WIFI icon not showing from taskbar can be perfectly dealt with.

Besides updating WIFI driver in device manager and official site, there is a more efficient and reliable method, which is to make use of third-party tool-Driver Doctor to get the most updated WIFI driver.

1. Download and install Driver Doctor on your PC.

2. In Driver Doctor interface, click Scan Now, Get Drivers, and Download All to promise Driver Doctor to search for the outdated device drivers on Windows 10. Here it may be WIFI network driver on Windows 10.

3. Install the downloaded drivers for your PC.

Now with the newly downloaded network driver for Windows 10, you are able to tackle the missing Windows 10 network icon.

After that, try to see if there is a WIFI icon on taskbar.

Solution 4: Edit Group Policy to Shop Network Icon on Taskbar in Windows 10

It is also feasible to change the settings in group policy so as to get wireless symbol displaying on Windows 10 taskbar.

But for the purpose of protecting your PC from damages, you are to follow up on the procedures earnestly. Only in this way can you show wireless icon on Windows 10.

1. Open Group Policy.

2. In Group policy, go as the path: User Configuration> Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar.

administrative templates choose start menu and taskbar

3. Under Start menu and Taskbar, on the right pane, scroll down to pinpoint Remove the networking icon and then double click it to open its settings.

remove networking icon

4. In Remove the networking icon window, tick the box of Disabled to set not showing up wireless icon on Windows 10.

set remove the networking icon as disabled

At last, hit OK to save changes.

Finally, you will notice that the missing Wireless signal backs to Windows 10. And the WIFI icon is showing itself on taskbar.

In a word, to regain the disappeared wireless icon for Windows 10, you can mainly try the solutions and execute them carefully. You will get the not showing network icon back.


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