Fix Windows Defender not Working on Windows 10 Issue



Solution 1: Remove the Third-party Software

Solution 2: Change Windows Defender Startup Type

Solution 3: System File Check Scan (SFC)


As the protection line of Windows 10, Windows Defender has the unshirkable responsibility to prevent your PC or laptop from various malware. And it is generally known that Windows defender keeps Windows 10 from malware in two aspects, namely, providing real time protection and scanning options.

While it is common anxiety that Windows Defender has failed to work normally or even cannot start or the real time protection greyed out on Windows 10. Sometimes, it may occur to you when your Windows Defender turns itself off automatically. In this sense, there is a great need for you to investigate why your defender is unable to turn on or work.

So how can you fix the Windows defender issue when you turn on the Windows Defender but it stopped working on Windows 10? Let’s try the elaborated solutions. It mainly consists in setting changes or file scanning.

Solution 1: Remove the Third-party Software

Windows 10 users have long suggested that sometimes what they have just installed a software, such as some antivirus program, the Windows Defender would turn off at once or cannot perform well on Windows 10. You may also notice Windows defender deactivates itself with the presence of the anti-threat software. From this perspective, you may as well embark on get rid of the newly downloaded third-party software.

As long as you have uninstalled the software, you are supposed to restart your computer and perform it again. If it is the case, your Windows defender will work correctly now.

Solution 2: Change Windows Defender Startup Type

It goes without sense that Windows 10 defender not responding unless you have turned it off accidentally. Hence, change the startup type of defender to automatic and the not working windows defender may be fixed.

1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog.

2. In the search box, enter Service.msc and hit OK to get into Services.

services msc run window

3. Locate Windows Defender security center and right click it to open Properties.

windows defender properties

4. In General tab, choose the startup type as Automatic.

change startup type as automatic

After you click Ok, you should restart your PC or laptop. Then try your Windows Defender to see if it can work as usual.

Solution 3: System File Check Scan (SFC)

Apart from anti-threat programs, sometimes some files may also cause damages to Windows defender, namely, the corrupted files prevent Windows defender from detecting virus software. Run SFC and you can get the damaged files removed, thus nothing would keep your Windows defender from working.

1. Search Command Prompt in the Search box. And then hit Enter.

Here you should make sure you have entered Command Prompt as Administrator.

run command prompt

2. Input SFC /scannow in Command Prompt window and click Enter.

begin system scan

All finished, you can see the files are scanned and some of them may be deleted since they are destructed ones.

Since you have extracted the possibility that the not responding or turning on windows defender may be caused by corrupted files, you can find your Windows defender can perform perfectly on Windows 10.

As mentioned above, these are the measures you can take to fix Windows defender turning off accidentally or not working well or real time protection turning itself off on Windows 10.

No matter which one you would like, you can always find a way out, either try to change the startup type or run the System File Check or just restart your PC.

In respect of some other problems of the defender on Windows 10, you can turn to us without hesitation, such as Windows Defender scan issues on Windows 10 and how to configure Windows Defender. And there is some time you may in very need to update your Windows Defender on Windows 10 to solve troubles with the defender.

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