How to Add Clock on Windows 10 Desktop

If you have friends or business partners across the world, set one or more different clocks will helpful when you communicate with them or send email to them. In Windows 10, you can set a clock on the desktop. And here is how you can add it.

Tutorials of Add Clock on Desktop in Windows 10

1. Click Windows icon in the taskbar, and then choose Settings icon to enter Settings window.

settings in start menu

2. Choose Time & language. You will enter the Time & language settings.

time and language

And there are 3 items you can set: Date & time, Region & language, Speech.

3. In Date & time item, drop-down the scrollbar, and click Add clocks for different time zones from the related settings. You will enter the Addition Clocks settings. Of course, in date & time item, you can set the date and time fast.

add clocks for different time zones

4. In Addition Clocks, check Show this clock. And the option of Select time zone will enable. It is grayed out as the default status.

After the Select time zone enabled, you can choose the time zone as you like such as (UTC-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

And of course, in Enter display name text box, you can rename the clock as you like. Here you can rename it as US. In default, it shows as Clock 1.

add clock time zone

If you want to add the second clock, you can check the next Show this clock option, and the second Select time zone option will enable. You can choose the time zone from the drop-down list such as (UTC + 10:00) Canberra, Melboume, Sydney. And in the Enter display name textbox, rename it as Sydney.

After all the steps completed, you can click the date and time on the lower right corner, then you will see the two clocks you set on the top.

two clocks

So this is the way about adding clock or clocks on the desktop on Windows 10, wish it can help you.


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