Fix Date and Time Issues on Windows 10

how to set time and date on windows 10

Windows 10 Time and Date enables you to change some related time settings, such as the time, date, time zone and time format on Windows 10. As long as you want to make an adjustment about your time or date settings, or you are in the hope of correcting the time or fixing the time issues on Windows 10, for instance, Windows 10 time always wrong or time is not syncing on Windows 10, or the Windows 10 time runs faster than default when reboot the computer, it is feasible that you turn to this article for effective solutions.

And meanwhile, if you are the person who have no idea about how to set the date and time, how to change time format and how to set the 24-hour clock to 12-hour clock, you are able to learn exactly how to do these time settings in this post.

Here no matter you want to change the time and date settings on Windows 10 or to fix the time issues, you are proposed to try to set the right date and time firstly on Windows 10.


How to Set Date and Time on Windows 10

How to change time format from 24 clock to 12 clock in windows 10?

Fix the Date and Time Keeps Changing on Windows 10

How to Set Date and Time on Windows 10

1. Click the Windows icon and choose Settings icon to open Windows settings window.

settings in start menu

2. Choose Time & language, and this settings can also set the speech and region.

time and language

After click it, you will enter the Time and language settings.

In Date and Time settings tab, the set time automatically is turned on in default. And the change date and time button grayed out. So it cannot work on Windows 10.

date and time set default

3. Turn off Set time automatically. And you will see the Change date and time function is enabled. The Change button can click. So this step can help you solve the Windows 10 date and time disabled problem.

turn off set time automatically

4. Click Change button, and you can set the date and time now.

change date and time

5. In the change date and time settings, you can select month, date and year from the Date option. And choose the time details from Time option.

set date and time manually

After the date and time set, click Change to save and exit.

6. Of course, you can change the date and time format.

change date and time format

7. In the formats settings, you can set these things:

change date and time format settings

First day of week

Short date

Long date

Short time

Long time

How to change time format from 24 clock to 12 clock in windows 10?

If you need to change the time format from 24-hour clock to 12-hour clock, you can set it with below solution. This settings is very easy. After you open the change date and time formats, find the option of long time.

In Long time, the HH:mm:ss is 24-hour clock. And the hh:mm:ss tt is 12-hour clock.

time clock

Fix the Date and Time Keeps Changing on Windows 10

If you reboot your computer every time, the date and time changes. So you need to reset the date and time again every time. This is very boring. So how to fix date and time keeps changing error?

1. Click Settings > Time & language > Date and Time.

2. Turn off Set time zone automatically.

turn off set time zone automatically

3. Now turn on Set time automatically.

turn on set time automatically

After that, you can set the date and time again. And the next time when you restart computer, the date and time will not change.

Of course, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to find the latest chipset driver to download and update it manually. And if there is a new BIOS update, you can update it.

Wish this article can help you to solve the date and time setting issues and error issues on Windows 10.

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