Fix Taskbar Not Hiding on Windows 10

It is reported that Windows 10 taskbar always refuses to hide in the desktop when users want to show things in full screen. Maybe you have tried many times, but to no avail, the taskbar did not go away. What’s more, though some of you have enabled the auto-hide option for the taskbar, it has no response, it just cannot disappear from the desktop.

Though it can be convenient for Windows 10 users to add shortcuts to the taskbar and lock the taskbar on the desktop. It may be a little annoying when you hope the taskbar missing on Windows 10 to make a less dynamic desktop.

In respect of the reason why the taskbar failed to hide itself on Windows 10 lies in that some programs or software want your attention, they may have new updates or messages for you.

Obviously, to fix the taskbar not hiding issue on Windows 10, what you really need to do is give the wanted attention to the program.

But to simplify the process of solving this taskbar issue, you may as well make sure you have chosen auto-hide the taskbar.


Solution 1: Check Taskbar Settings

Solution 2: Restart Explorer for Windows 10

Solution 1: Check Taskbar Settings

You must ensure that you have permitted the taskbar to hide from your desktop on Windows 10, if you have not, it is a thing of course that the taskbar cannot hide. In other words, you are to check if you have turned on the taskbar auto-hide option.

Go as the path, you can know if you have opened the auto-hide switch or not.

Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Automatically hide the taskbar in the desktop mode.

automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode

Here if your PC is in tablet mode, turn on Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode option.

When you have allowed taskbar to automatically itself, but it is still not hiding on Windows 10. You are advised to try to turn on and turn off the auto-hide option for several more times to see if it can make the taskbar hide.

If you have switched on and off the auto-hide choice but did not help at all, It means that you are supposed to pay your attention to the programs or software.

Solution 2: Restart Explorer for Windows 10

It is believed that the explorer program on Windows 10 can cause the taskbar not hiding from the desktop. If it is the case, why not restart the Explorer to fix this taskbar issue on Windows 10?

1. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager from the options menu.

select task manager

2. Find out and right click Windows Explorer to Restart it.

restart windows explorer

Since you have restarted the Windows Explorer, it will not send a message to you and ask for your attention. In this way, the taskbar not hiding on Windows 10 error can be solved.

To sum up, Taskbar is an embedded-tool designed to make convenience for Windows 10 users to enjoy entering programs and software quickly. But at the same time, you can experience various issues about the taskbar on Windows 10.

This tutorial is concentrated on the taskbar not hiding on Windows, until now, you may have already known exactly how to fix this taskbar not hiding on Windows 10.

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