How to Know If Your Computer Has a Built-in Bluetooth on Windows 10

For some people, the Bluetooth is a rather useful tool to transfer documents, files, and other sources among devices in short distance.

On Windows 10, it is said that Bluetooth is embedded in the system and you can make use of it as you wish.

But for some users on previous Windows systems, you may fail to locate the Bluetooth.

Thus, urgent as it is for you to check if a PC has a Bluetooth built-in Windows 10. And if there is one on your PC, you are able to enable the Bluetooth.

How do you Know If your Computer has Bluetooth?

There are various ways open to you to see whether or not there is a Bluetooth installed on Windows 10.

Gone are the days when you have the doubted that a Bluetooth enabled on your PC.

You are qualified to ascertain the question “does Windows 10 have a Bluetooth?” by referring to the following procedures.

Way 1: Check Windows 10 Bluetooth in Device Manager

Actually, Windows 10 Device Manager is able to control the device and device drivers for you. From this perspective, you may as well navigate to Device Manager to see if a Bluetooth driver is located here.

If it shows itself here, you would better add Bluetooth to Windows 10 in order to make the full use of it.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Bluetooth to check the Bluetooth devices here.

bluetooth in device manager

3. Or you can even open Network adapters, maybe the Bluetooth displays under it.

So long as you find out any Bluetooth devices in Device Manager, it implies that there is Bluetooth on Windows 10 and you can use it if you hope.

Way 2: Check Bluetooth in Control Panel

Another method is awaiting you to locate the Bluetooth on your PC Windows 10. That is from the Control Panel, which stores all the installed devices, like Bluetooth, Network, etc.

1. Go to the Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, click Network and Internet.

network and internet

3. Then hit Network and Sharing Center.

network and sharing centere below network internet

4. Then choose to Change adapter settings.

change adapter settings in network and sharing center

5. Now you can see if there is Bluetooth Network Connection on your computer.

bluetooth in control panel

Here beside Ethernet, WIFI network, you can notice the presence of Bluetooth on Windows 10.

You can try to enable the Bluetooth for your PC.

But what if there is no Bluetooth here? If it is the case, as you see, you perhaps need to add one by yourself.

How to Add a Bluetooth to Windows 10?

If a PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, you are supposed to get one totally on your own if you are desperately in need of it.

Once you failed to see the Bluetooth radio on your PC, you are to go with the steps below to enable one on Windows 10.

1. Buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. If you desire to use Bluetooth on Windows 10, you have to get a USB Bluetooth adapter.

2. Plug the new USB Bluetooth into one of the USB port on your PC.

In this process, Windows systems will automatically install the Bluetooth driver once it recognizes the external device.

3. Finally, you can pair your Bluetooth for Windows 10.

As long as the Bluetooth devices are paired with each other, you are free to transfer files and other documents between computers or other devices with Bluetooth.

Armed with this post, it is likely that you can master the essence to check if your computer has Bluetooth and how to pair it with other Bluetooth devices on Windows 10.


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