Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Media Player on Windows 10

how to reinstall windows media player windows 10

Ever since Windows 7, Windows Media Player is built-in with Windows systems, though it remains the version 12.

That is why even if you have upgraded to Windows 10, you still find that the media player looks the same as that of Windows 7, 8.

While for some reasons, the Windows media player is not working or you cannot open it on Windows 10, there is much need for you to remove the old one and install a new Windows Media Player.

But you must know that in fact, you are not to uninstall it from your computer, you can only disable it and then enable it on Windows 10.


How to Uninstall Windows Media Player in Windows 10?

How to Reinstall Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 10?

How to Uninstall Windows Media Player in Windows 10?

To solve media player problems by disabling it, you are capable of completing it in Control panel.

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. On the top of Control Panel, type in windows features in the search box and then choose to Turn Windows features on or off.

search windows features in control panel

3. In Windows Features window, scroll down to find out Media Features and expand it. Then you can see Windows Media Player.

media features in windows features

4. Uncheck the box for Windows Media Player and then in the pop-up warning window, click Yes to turn off Windows Media Player.

turn off windows media player in windows features

The moment you uncheck the box beside Windows Media Player, a square black box would present itself in it.

Of course, as you have been warned that once you turn the Windows Media Player off here, some other features on Windows 10 would be affected, including some default settings, in this way, be cautious before you perform this action.

5. Restart your computer.

Now it is obvious that you cannot use the Windows media player to play songs, movies or something else. You need to reinstall or enable the Windows Media Player for your PC.

How to Reinstall Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 10?

It is significantly easy to re-enable or reinstall the media player for Windows 10, you just need to turn this media feature on in Control Panel.

In Windows Features, under Media Features, check the box for Windows Media Player. And you will have activated or enabled it.

check the box of windows media player

This time, it is possible that the Windows Media Player returns to normal and works well on Windows 10.

For some users who have used VLC media player instead of the Windows media player, if you would like to uninstall and reinstall it on your computer, just go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > VLC media player > Uninstall.

uninstall vlc media player

Then reinstall the new one from the official site.

Above all, if you feel like to uninstall and reinstall your Windows Media Player for your PC on Windows 10, it is feasible and foolproof to finish it in Control Panel. Just go with this post.


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