How to Use Hardware ID to Find Driver for Unknown Device

hardware id

After upgrading your system from Windows 7, Windows 8 to Windows 10, there are some devices cannot recognized by the new system, and it shows as an unknown device in Windows 10. You can try to use the device hardware id to find driver and update it.


What is Hardware ID?

How to Find Hardware ID for a Device?

Using Hardware ID to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices

What is Hardware ID?

A hardware id matches a computer device to an INF file. It is a vendor-defined identification string. In most occasions, a device contains more than one hardware id. So maybe in hardware id value, you can find 2 value items at least.

This is an example of a hardware id:


VEN_8086 means the vendor id is 8086.

DEV_9D03 means the device is 9D03.

If you need to download drivers with the hardware id, you will need the vendor id and device id.

How to Find Hardware ID for a Device?

When we know hardware id is for a device, and the device manager is to manage all the devices, so we can find the device hardware in device manager.

1. Open device manager.

2. Find a device such as an unknown device. Right-click it and choose Properties.

3. In the Properties window, locate the Details tab.

4. In details tab, choose Hardware Ids item from the Property drop-down box lists.

choose hardware ids

5. After the hardware ids option chosen, the value will be listed.

hardware ids value

In this image, the Standard SATA AHCI Controller has four hardware ids. And from here we can see this device vendor id is 8086 and device id is 9D03. You can use the vendor id and device id to find the driver.

Using Hardware ID to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices

After you find the hardware ids, you can use it to find drivers. Especially you have one or more unknown devices in device manager.

1. Right-click the hardware id list and choose copy to copy the top one hardware id.

2. Open your Google Search and paste the hardware id. Then find the driver for your unknown device from the results.

Of course, you can also use the website to help you if you know this website. is designed for PCI slot software, maybe it is graphic cards, audio cards, network adapters, etc.

1. Open

2. Type the vendor id and device id you find from the device manager.

vendor id and hardware id

From the vendor id search, you will see the device manufacturer and its information. Then you can go to the manufacturers’ website.

From the device search, you will see the device type. And you can go to the manufacturers’ website to download it.

So this is solution about using hardware id to find drivers for a device including the unknown devices.


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